Membership & Prices


Monthly Direct Debit 


Basic Membership           £6.00 per month

                                     Then Pay as you go


Gym Membership            £19.50 per month

                                     Unlimited use of gym

Swim Membership           £25.00 per month

                                     Unlimited swimming

Full Membership             £30.00 per month

                                    Unlimited gym and swim



Cash Options


6 months basic membership £40



12 months basic membership £70



Pay as you go Prices:

You must be a member to use the facilities


Each member can bring up to three guests 



Member         £3.00

Adult Guest    £4.00

Child Guest     £1.50                                          



Member          £3.50


Guest             £4.50


Squash Courts

30 Mins          £3.00


40 Mins          £3.50


Adult Guest     £3.00


Child Guest      £2.00


Tennis Court

1 hour                   £5.00


Multi Use Sports Area

1 hour                   £20.00 


Joining Fee

Joining fee             £7.50 (Free if rejoining within 1 year)        


Morris Centre Club

Queen Elizabeth Hospital



B15 2TH


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